Safely Forging the Future.

Edgerton Forge continues to grow in technical ability and is proud to be reshoring manufacturing in America for high quality steel forging. As an OEM manufacturer, we understand that nothing beats strength, reliability, economy and shock resistance in well forged steel products and components.

Over four decades of experience and forging technological innovation has earned Edgerton Forge the reputation for superior forged steel products in a range of sizes, shapes and properties to meet client design and performance requirements. As a forging company in USA, our capabilities include reliable forged steel results designed for specified degrees of temperature performance, machinability, and hardness.

Edgerton Forge is an original equipment manufacturer for automotive shafts and steering components, oil and gas forgings, and civil construction industries. We provide structurally reliable products to manufacturing companies in these industries on-time and at affordable rates.

Automotive Components

Edgerton Forge automotive components are built to go further, last longer, and consistently deliver superior all-around performance.

Oil/Gas Forgings

Edgerton forged parts have been recognized for their quality craftsmanship by oil and gas specialists and experts.

Civil Construction

Edgerton Forge helps you push the limits of what’s possible by creating industry-leading building components and forged construction equipment parts.