EFI has over 40 years of forging experience. EFI has supplied lug wrenches, jack extensions, shafts, drag links, center links, vertical shock eye bushings, and other forgings to many of the largest companies in the country. EFI is capable of forging over 12,000 tons of material per year with the existing facilities and has room to grow. EFI always strives to be your preferred forging choice.

EFI was acquired by AVIS Industrial Corporation in 1985. At that time, EFI was 100% automotive with primary product being lug wrenches. During the 1990’s EFI diversified into steering component market which overtook lug wrenches as a primary product “by sales”. Since then, EFI’s market segments have grown to include civil construction, energy, and Military.

In EFI’s continuing efforts to meet current market demands the vast forging experience in Engineering and Manufacturing available through other Avis Industrial companies is being leveraged to enhance capabilities with advanced materials and processes.