The Goal of Edgerton Forge is to ensure complete customer satisfaction through on-time delivery of defect-free products and services at a competitive price. Edgerton Forge strives to be a progressive company which meets current customer needs and anticipates future customer needs. Each employee is responsible for his or her input into the procurement, production, support, delivery, or service of the product as specified by the quality management system. To accomplish Edgerton Forge’s mission, these are the policies to which it shall adhere:

  • Edgerton Forge will use progressive Design Engineering.
  • Edgerton Forge will be flexible in adapting to current situations.
  • Team problem solving methods will be used to facilitate continuous improvement.
  • Continuously provide employee training.
  • Ensure a safe working environment for all employees.
  • Foster understanding of both internal and external customer needs.
  • Be environmentally responsible.